About the Author

Luminous is a Spiritual Archaeologist, painter and poet of invisible worlds and sacred places. She attended the New School for Social Research and Pratt in New York studying psychology, philosophy, comparative religions and art and graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with degrees in Painting and Performance/Video.  She trained with Multidimensional Research and Expansion for three years and later initiated a two year study on past life regression.  Her visual and multimedia art speaks of inner worlds and unseen dimensions of reality.


Luminous has always had the ability to walk between the physical and spiritual worlds. Psychic phenomena, including several near death experiences, levitation, stigmata, a vast psychic and spiritual opening and incidents of spontaneous healing informed her directly and deeply of the limitless possibilities available to us.

She founded the Temple of X-Static Sound (1985) to further awareness of the uses  of vibrational frequency (Tibetan bowls, bells, crystal bowls) and voice harmonics.  She is the Founder and Director of the Spiritual Archaeology Society (501C3 pending) to support and preserve ancient wisdom and traditions and advance the practice of Spiritual Archaeology.

Luminous visits, researches and interacts with sacred places and encourages others to enjoy the experience of Spiritual Archaeology.  For the past 20 years, she has gratefully lived and thrived in the mystical beauty of Sedona, Arizona.  She is a world-renowned Transformational Consultant and successful Real Estate Broker.  Luminous conducts Spiritual Archaeology intensives in Sedona and on the unique journeys she leads to sacred places around the world.